Monitor customer experience in real time and improve your quality of service!

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Customer survey and satisfaction terminals

With Smilio, collect your customer feedback in real time!

Placed in the middle of traffic, our smileys and reporting terminals help you to better understand your customers', users', or employees' expectations,  and to improve your business performances. 

Make service quality and customer satisfaction a priority!

Simplicity and performance

Bornes autonomes et sans fil

Communicates on IoT networks (Internet Of Things) requiring no wire, no wifi, nor 3/4G

Up to five years battery life

Bornes de sondage prêtes à l'emploi

Ready-to-use and pre-configured for direct installation

Boutons sans pièces en mouvement

Buttons without moving parts + antibacterial treatment = improved hygiene and record durability

Traitements spéciaux

Optional treatments against UV light and scratching

Filtrage des faux-votes

Inopportune voting filtration technology

Sécurité des données

Data security: end-to-end encryption

Bornes étanches IP65

Outdoor installation possible (IP65)

Preuve de présence et badgeage de personnel

Built-in magnetic sensor to time worker interventions

Systèmes de fixation et présentoirs multiples

Several possible installations: wall, ground, counter, shelves...

Buttons and displays


Our Smilio connected terminals easily adapt to your colors and use cases:   

  • number of connected buttons, 
  • graphic design: logo, smileys, pictos, colors.., 
  • special treatments against bacteria, UV light or scratching  

Smilio is also a complete range of promotional supports and displays to install your terminals where the customer experience is: counters, wall, floor, glass cases, shelves...

How our connected terminals help our customers 

improve their services

Real-time alerts

A real-time alert system can be configured on all our connected buttons. It allows to be immediately notified when improvements are expected by users or when the satisfaction rate is deteriorating. These alerts can be sent by email, SMS or directly pushed in your software applications: CRM, BI, ERP, Production Management Softwares...

Your data, your dashboards

Skiply offers a turkey web solution to manage your connected terminals, view your survey results, assess the satisfaction rate and identify possibilities for improvement. Some standard and tailormade dashboards are available, upon request, to help you visualize and analyse your data. 

You can also choose to get the collected votes directly in your Information System through an API (all types of connections are possible: ERP, CRM, Production softwares...). Our solution is one of the most flexible on the market!

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