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What about everyone else? What do they think about the quality of visitor reception? How would they judge the quality of the service? Why did they leave without buying?

Customer satisfaction surveys are useful. But you still need to have their contact details. And how many of them will answer?

Survey terminal and connected buttons

Thanks to Smilio, visitors, guests, customers and prospects express their on-the-spot opinions by answering simple questions. You can see the results in real time, with no hassle. It's as easy as 1-2-3, or ABC, or pie if you're hungry.

Borne de sondage connectée Smilio

Smilio can be installed permanently or temporarily wherever it is needed: a bathroom, reception hall, restaurant, store or car parking.

Sondage parking
Mesure satisfaction restaurant
Bouton connecté sondage

Smilio is a wireless, no-battery terminal that can be placed anywhere: whether you need to have it inside, outside, on a counter, on a piece of furniture or even a wall.

Borne satisfaction comptoir

Personalise your buttons and unleash your survey creativity!

Would you like to use Smilio to let your customers and users report problems?

Would you like to create a survey with two simple questions on the same box—for instance, a question on wait times and service received?

Would you like to ask your customers a multiple-choice question?

Using our unique button printing technology, we can create the design that meets your needs.

We can even supply an anti-bacterial interface for environments where hygiene is primary.

Exceptional voting rates

For customers to respond, several conditions must be brought together:

  • The device must be clearly identified.
  • Voting must be fast and easy.
  • The terminal must be placed in their path, not on the side.
  • The question must be legible, simple and clear.
  • The device must always remain clean (no fingerprints) to prevent putting off customers.

Would you put your finger on this ?

Dashboard satisfaction employés

View results, analyse and compare

Export results to Excel

Our software displays the satisfaction rate and any reports directly on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Data may be exported in the format you need.

Compare to understand

View live results

  • Compare the performance of each Smilio terminal: using different stores, aisles, questions, etc.
  • Track the change in customer opinions over time.

Example of voting data displayed

Change your question at any time

Would you like to start a new survey?
Would you like to ask different question?
Create a new survey in the interface with just one click. You can return to the previous question without losing your data log.

Alert management

Smilio is compatible with Skiply. That means you can configure alerts according to your own criteria.

Alerts may be sent by email, text message or can be given to your team on site with, for example, a revolving light or three-colour light system.

Direct display of results

Sigfox or Lora technologies are used: communication without WiFi or 3 G

Personalised designs

It can be secured to a post, wall or counter and is equipped with an anti-theft system.

Low energy consumption: The battery lasts years!

Can be used outside

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