Improve your service quality with our Smilio satisfaction and survey  terminals.

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Borne Sondage et Satisfaction Smilio

Collect your customers, users and employees' opinions to motivate your teams and improve your service quality. 

Connected survey terminals

With Smilio terminals, you can continuously collect your customers and visitors' opinions, in real-time, and on an anonymous basis.

Reception, waiting time, service, food quality: you will have at last concrete and reliable indicators to improve your performance, build your customers' loyalty, motivate your teams and boost your sales.

Every day, our Smiley terminals and connected buttons collect tens of thousands interactions. What other method will allow you to analyse up to 60% customer feedback?

Borne de sondage magasin

Our terminals offer you simplicity and performance

Avantages bornes Smilio
Bornes de sondage sur présentoir

Mounts and displays adapted to your environment

We offer you a cloud turnkey solution to visualize your survey results,  assess the satisfaction rate and identify areas of improvement.

Our data access solutions are among the most flexible on the market: API, connection to your EAM or BI software (Cognos, PowerBI, DataStudio...), exports into Excel or CSV formats.

Your data, your dashboards

Our experts can help you to design customized tools that are adapted to your business, for example by correlating your cash and visits data, your plannings with your satisfaction rates.

Etudes satisfaction

Terminals that respect your branding

They are fully customizable: box colour, shape and number of connected buttons, façades and images in line  with your branding, special treatment against bacteria, UV light, scratching.

Mesure de satisfaction accueil

Smilio terminals can fit easily into your use cases:  double question, MCQ, Smileys, report or call buttons...  

Remain on alert to service quality

Système d'alerte taux de satisfaction

A real-time alert system can be configured upon request to warn relevant personnel that users are reporting dissatisfaction.

These alerts can be sent by email, SMS or directly interact with your business softwares: EAM, CRM, BI... 

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