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Sigfox & LoRaWAN connected buttons

Connect to real-time effectiveness!

Smilio Action is a compact IoT device, based on Sigfox and LoRaWAN, which allows to report and trigger several events in real-time. Take action immediately in order to be more responsive and effective. 

  • Smilio Action is a system of modular connected buttons (between 1 and 5 buttons on the façade) allowing to report multiple events and trigger automated actions through email, SMS, API or webservices.

  • All our devices are equipped with "Proof of Presence" technology that enables to validate and to time-and-date-stamp staff interventions.

  • The time-and-date stamping can be performed with a magnetic card,   a code or a simple press on a button.  

Between 1 and 5 buttons.

"Proof of Presence" inside.

Smilio Action Facility Management

Unique characteristics

Smilio Action sans fil et autonome

Dual mode Sigfox/LoRaWAN wireless technology. No Wifi, 4G or Ethernet. No infrastructure work required to install it.

Paramétrable à distance

Remote configuration via Downlink.

Preuve de présence et badgeage de personnel

"Proof of Presence" Technology: integrated magnetic sensor for staff time-stamping.

Up to 6 years battery life (2 x AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3,6 Volts).

Jusqu'à 6 ans d'autonomie sur piles
Bornes étanches IP65

Hermetic (IP65) and extreme temperature-resistant (-40°C / +60°C).

Dimensions ultra compactes

Compact dimensions (100x100x45 mm). Weight < 200 g (without batteries).

Boîtier robuste et solidement fixé

Robust and firmly fixed (vertical or horizontal fixation).

Boutons sans pièces en mouvement

Buttons without moving parts + antibacterial special treatment = record hygiene and durability.

Sécurité des données

Data and operations security.

From 200 units ordered, Smilio Action becomes fully customizable: 

  • Box color
  • Shape and number of connected buttons
    (from 1 to 5)
  • Keypads customization: colors, logo, pictos 
  • Number of LED lights (from 1 to 8)
  • Special treatments: antibacterial, anti-UV, anti-scratch.  

Smilio Action can be easily integrated to your use-cases:

Buttons for all uses, matching your brand image...

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