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Sigfox and LoRaWAN connected buttons

With Smilio, at the touch of a button, you report multiple events in real time and trigger customized actions. Our connected buttons are revolutionalizing the demand for services and the traceability of work: they are an easy and efficient solution to automate your processes and improve your operational performance!

Action buttons for all use cases

  • Restocking
  • Demands for automated on-site interventions (maintenance, cleaning, security) / Facility Management
  • Logistics, optimization of delivery rounds
  • Waste collection (connected containers and compactors)
  • Traceability of personnel interventions
  • Clocking Employees in and out / Proof of presence
  • Demands for at-home services (Patient Relationship Management)
  • Alerts / demands on production lines
  • Customers' and users' surveys

Simplicity and performance

Smilio Action sans fil et autonome

Dual mode Sigfox/LoRaWAN wireless technology. No Wifi, 4G or Ethernet. No infrastructure work required before installation.

Paramétrable à distance

Remote configuration via Downlink.

Preuve de présence et badgeage de personnel

"Proof of Presence" Technology: integrated magnetic sensor for staff time-stamping.

Jusqu'à 6 ans d'autonomie sur piles

Up to 6 years battery life (2 x AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3,6 Volts).

Bornes étanches IP65

Hermetic (IP65) and extreme temperature-resistant (-40°C / +60°C).

Dimensions ultra compactes

Compact dimensions (100x100x45 mm). Weight < 200 g (without batteries).

Boîtier robuste et solidement fixé

Robust and firmly fixed (vertical or horizontal fixation).

Boutons sans pièces en mouvement

Buttons without moving parts + antibacterial special treatment = record hygiene and durability.

Sécurité des données

Data and operations security.

Buttons and displays


Our Smilio A devices adapt to your colors and use cases:  

  • number of connected buttons, 
  • graphic design: logo, smileys, pictos, colors.., 
  • special treatments against bacteria, UV light, scratches.

Smilio is also a complete range of promotional supports and displays to install your devices at the heart of your business processes: offices, meeting rooms, warehouses, production lines, logistic docks...

A short "live" demo?

A seemless integration

Thanks to our APIs, regardless of the network used (Sigfox or LoRaWAN), you can easily integrate your data into your business application softwares (ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence). Our decoders will save you valuable time! 

Choosing Smilio, it also means having an illimited access to our practical tools library and our online services to test your use cases, safely configure your device parameters, or create your own IoT applications, etc. 

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