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Use case: connected containers and compactors

An innovative and ecological solution to optimize the fleet management of waste containers and compactors. 

Appel benne à ordures
  • Real-time service request (email and SMS alerts): at a simple touch of a button, your customers have the possibility to ask for a intervention on their containers and compactors (emptying, removal, replacement or demand for additional capacities).
  • Proof of Presence: your teams validate their interventions by directly badging on the device with a magnetic badge, a Smartphone or at a touch a of button.  
  • Data centralized, connected to your computer systems and available in the cloud.

Real-time waste monitoring

  • A reliable solution for traceability of interventions. 
  • Precise indicators that will enable you to prove your performances to your ordering parties (response time measurement).
  • Smilio Action is a wireless device which does not require any particular work to be installed (for both indoor and outdoor uses). 
  • The device communicates through Sigfox and LoRaWAN™ : two IoT networks that are totally independent independent from other electricity or GSM networks. It ensures continuous data recording, even in case of power cuts. 
  • Data security (encryption).

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