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Use case: timestamp and demand for automated services

Smilio Action solution is especially designed for all outsourced services managers with remote staff: facility management, cleaning, technical support, security, etc.

  • Time-and-date staff stamping with a Smartphone, a magnetic badge or at a simple touch on a button. 
  • Code authentication available on the same device.
  • Real-time services request (for example: ordering of consumable goods) or triggering of alerts (emergency button).
  • Wireless / without Wifi communication through Sigfox and LoRaWAN. 
  • Data centralized and sent to your computer systems: EAM, spreadsheets, payroll softwares...

A powerful monitoring tool for all remote personnel

  • Rigorous traceability: provide evidence to your ordering parties that your personnel interventions have been really completed and bill accordingly. 

  • Considerable time saving thanks to the monitoring of interventions in a dedicated dashboard. 

  • Proven reliability: IoT networks are totally independent from other electricity or GSM networks. It ensures continuous data recording, even in case of power cuts. 

Unique benefits

  • No cheating when registration is done with a smartphone: Smilio Action devices are geolocalised. If a distance greater than 20 m is registered between the Smartphone and the device when badging, an error is detected and a notification is immediately sent by SMS or email.   

  • Satisfied and loyal customers thanks to optimized process and improved service quality.

Example scenario

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